Friday, June 18, 2010

Mom's Visit- Day 2

We are continuing to have a blast here in Lynchburg with Mom by our side, and yesterday was no exception. Yesterday was a beautifully hot day in the 'burg, and Mom was hard at work on projects while I was hard at work at work. She painted my patio furniture a bright shade of blue (pictures to come), my coffee table antique white and cleaned the kitchen. THANKS MOM! When I got home, we also rearranged the entire layout of my living room, which I will post pictures of on Monday, when everything is back in its place.

 We are eating our way through this city, which I'm sure I will regret the moment Mom leaves. We have eaten out more than I have in many months combined. While I LOVE eating out, yesterday I couldn't take it anymore, and Dallas and I whipped up some ham on the grill, green beans and carrots from the market, and homemade yeast rolls. Yum! I tried a new carrot recipe, which I found on this blog. Pam, from For the Love of Cooking, comes up with some of the most delicious recipes I have ever tasted, and they are all super easy to make! Thanks Pam!

We then made our way over to the new Kroger in Forest, which is the largest grocery story I've ever been to. It has a cheese chef, a sushi chef, a coffee shop, a wine connoisseur and many, many other sections. I don't visit this Kroger often, because it is further out and because it is SO big, it is harder to find what I want. But, when I have the time, I love to see what exciting new foods they have!

They have these tiny little kid's carts, which Dallas insisted on using
He said it made him look taller.
They also have a very nice floral department, where Mom picked up some
carnations and hydrangeas for my newly decorated living room. Thanks Mom!

So, another great day was had at the Loewen Household. My sister, Rebekah, and my dad are on their way as we speak  I write, and I am so excited for them to join in on the fun! We have a lot of exciting things planned for the weekend and I can't wait to get started!


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