Monday, September 27, 2010

Little Birdies

   I really enjoy coaching my little soccer team, the Panthers. We've actually won a few of our games, despite being younger and smaller than most of the other teams in our league. The one thing that we struggle with is practices. Have you ever tried to get a group of 3 year olds to do organized drills? Not the easiest thing to do. So, being the mean and serious coach that I am, I let my little cuties play "birdies" as they sat on their "eggs" and waited for them to hatch.

I guess this will help them with their ball handling skills???


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  1. Well, maybe this is a good thing. You might be teaching them balance. Who knows, education has taken on so many new twists and coaching certainly has. Emily you are great I'm sure, and besides it doesn't hurt to teach them that LIFE IS GOOD, and fun learning is great. I know Avery would think this is the "BOMB" let alone the pretty little girls and the "PRETTY" coach.


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