Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I never would have taken myself for a basketball coach. Long, lanky, clumsy me a basketball coach? But, that is exactly what I am and I am enjoying this new-found role. I am no run-of-the-mill basketball coach. No, no. I am the coach of the UNDEFEATED team, the Lakers. This group of 9 little boys and 1 girl warms my heart each week as they tear up the court against any team who bravely accepts the challenge of playing this dominating team.

This rag-tag team plays not only with skills beyond their years, they play with heart. 10 little hearts wishing and hoping and BELIEVING that they will score, block, pass and ultimately, win the most important battle in their young lives. I pray that they will never loose this belief. The belief in the impossible; the belief that they can do great things. It is this belief that will overcome obstacles, break bearers and ultimately, change the lives of my little Lakers.
I have learned a lot this season, but mostly I have learned that the size of the player does not determine the amount of will in his heart. My Lakers fought with the will of lions to win the title- BEST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE! Gooooo Lakers!

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