Monday, May 10, 2010

My New Job!

   Hey, guess what? I got a new job! God really does work in the most amazing ways. Just when I thought I couldn't take my previous position one day longer, I was approached about moving up to a new position. One that would give me a 43% raise! What an answer to prayer! Sometimes I forget that God really hears my prayers, and cares enough to answer them. 
  My new title is International and Graduate Admissions Operations Coordinator. It's a mouthful, but it sure feels good to say it! I am  the assistant to Dr. Wegert, the Dean of International Student Programs, and to Sharon Bloomfield, the Associate Director of Admissions, Graduate and International. Basically, I am a crisis solver, and I run around the campus doing errands and other odd-jobs. So far, I have really been enjoying my new responsibilities and the perks of my new job, including a cell phone allowance. I love that this job allows me to correspond with international students and agents living around the world, and I also enjoy planning parties and events that take place on campus. Isn't it wonderful that God not only gives us a job, but He gives us jobs that we like??

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  1. You forget to mention that God does not only give you a job, he gives you a job with people who you like to work with :) like me!
    So happy for you!!!


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