Friday, April 9, 2010

Objectives 2 and 3

I explained in my last blog about how God allowed Dallas and I to meet our first objective of finding a great place to live in our new city of Lynchburg. God didn't stop there- he kept pouring out His blessings on us!

Our second objective was to find a flying job for Dallas, where he could work from August to December, before his classes began in January. Dallas made several calls to the leaders in the Aviation Department at Liberty University, and they made an appointment to meet with us the weekend we were in town. We met with Ernie Rogers, the Chairman of the Aviation Department, who turned out to be a great help! He assured Dallas that he would be able to join the team of flight instructors at LU, and gave me the best piece of advice I had received yet. If I became a Liberty employee, Dallas and I both would get FREE TUITION! I couldn't believe it! We had been praying for so long for God to provide a way for us to pay for Dallas' aviation mechanics school, and here was our answer: FREE tuition! We never expected such a huge response to our prayers. This was such an assurance that God does hear our prayers and He is able to do far more than we can ever hope or imagine.

This leads us to Objective 3: Find a job for me (Emily). I was positive that I would get a job with Liberty University. I knew God wouldn't provide such a great opportunity for us, and then not open a door for this job. As soon as we got back to Georgia, I began applying for every job on the Liberty website. I applied for new positions every Monday, hoping that someone would take an interested in me and offer me a position. After several weeks of receiving no phone calls, I became a little nervous, but I still had the peace that God was in control and that he would work everything out for us. It finally came time to make our big move to Lynchburg, and I still had not heard from anyone at LU. Dallas started his job right away, leaving me at home to unpack our belongings and turn our house into a home. This process took all of 3 days, and then the boredom set in. WHEN WOULD I FIND A JOB?? Ernie Rogers got word that I had still not found a job- probably because I told everyone I saw that I needed help. He took my resume' around to several offices...and you know what?? I had a new job by the end of the week.

God is so faithful. He blows me away with his grace and love. I am so lucky to be one of His children.

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