Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mom's Here!

Yeah! I'm so excited that my mom is here with us in Lynchburg. She pulled in last night just before I got home from work and met me in the driveway. Just like old times. It is so nice to have her here with us. She is hilarious, and always keeps me laughing. Mostly, I don't think she tries to be funny- but she just can't help it.

This is my mom and I bowling at Christmas time last year. Such a blast!

Since she's arrived, we've:

- Had a tour of my house and garden
- Returned her rental car (and no charge for not filling up the gas tank!- thank you Hertz!)
- Met Lauren and Dallas for dinner at the Teriyaki House- yum!
- Went shopping at: Michael's, Kohls, the Mall
- Went for a power walk
- And laughed and laughed and laughed

And we get to do it all over again tonight!

Mom is picking me up from work to take me to lunch- Cracker Barrel! YUM! Chicken and dumplings anyone? And, when I get home from work tonight, we are going to paint some of my living room furniture and plant some new plants in my garden.

What a great day! Thanks MOM!


  1. I love when my mom comes to visit too! I always seem to get so much accomplished!

    Thanks for visiting my site, so crazy to find another Lynchburg-ian here in blog land! AND you work at Liberty- I work for the online academy here! So crazy!

  2. I am glad your mom is there. I know how she feels about her daughters :-) They are our heart. Have a wonderful time with Terri and tell her hello.
    I enjoy reading your blogs.

  3. Have a great time with your mom!

  4. Hi Emily! Thanks for checking out my blog! It always amazes me what a small blog world it is :)

  5. Hey Emily, thank you for visiting my site. I love yours. My father was a missionary here in NM and did a little bit of aviation ministry as well. You and your husband will certainly be in my prayers as you prepare for the mission field. Oh, and enjoy your time with your mom! Mother's are so special!

  6. I enjoyed every minute of my time in the burg-I look forward to the next time. You must come up with some more projects for me!! Love you-mom


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