Thursday, June 17, 2010

Visit with Mom- Day 1

Yesterday was our first day on the town, and oh!, what fun we had!
I am still working my normal 8-5 hours this week, so Mom spent the morning walking around Downtown Lynchburg without me. She explored all of the antique shops, gift shops and junk stores that Lynchburg has to offer. She claims she walked 10 miles, and she’s probably right. At lunchtime, she picked me and Lauren up from work, and we made our way to Cracker Barrel. I often crave their Chicken n’ Dumplings, (What can I say? I’m from the South!), and it was great to indulge in some dumplings, turnip greens, mac n’ cheese, corn and biscuits. Yum Yum! Lauren, being a northerner, didn’t know quite what to make of her southern surroundings. But don’t worry, she’ll be sporting a monogram, wearing bright colors and saying “ya’ll” in no time!
After lunch, Mom dropped us back off at work, and continued her quest for bargains.

At 5 pm, my dear mom picked me up from work again, and we drove home for tiny little break. If you know my mom, you know she isn’t one for “resting.” She is always on the go, running here and there, and she knows how to wear a girl out. So, I called a 30 minute “time out,” in order to catch my breath.
We then headed out again, and made our way back to the mall. I have recently been having skin issues, because I have added a new sunscreen to my makeup routine. Apparently, this sunscreen wasn’t oil-free, and it caused my face to break out. (What’s the deal with oil these days? Causing so much trouble!) Mom suggested that I try Lancôme’s oil-free foundation, instead of the cheap makeup and oily sunscreen I've been using. The lady at the Lancôme counter insisted that I get a makeover, so of course, I accepted. Who doesn’t like to have all of their makeup removed, and put back on in the middle of a busy mall?
My makeup artist and I shared a lot of laughs, and she told me of her life growing up in the Philippians. I love hearing stories of people's past, and how they got to where they are now.
The finished product. Hmm...a little over done?? She claimed it looked very "natural." Maybe compared to the makeup she wears? Haha. I stuck just to the foundation I had intended to purchase, and Mom got busy reserving our Lancôme gifts and buying a few things for herself as well. The lady liked us so much, that she filled out gifts with handfuls of extra goodies! I can’t wait to see what all I got! The sale technically didn’t start until today, so we had to leave our purchases at the store, and Mom will pick them up later today.
After Dallas was finished volunteering at the Salvation Army, he picked us up from the mall and we went to eat at Macado's. Which, apparently, is pronounced Mac-a-doo's, not Mah-cah-doe's, like I've been saying. It was here that we met Marcie. Our waitress.
Marcie was one of those "crazy" waitress, who calls her customers by all sorts of weird names. A few of the names she called me were, Ladybug, Baby and Sugar Booger. Sugar Booger? That's a new one for me! She kept us laughing as we waited out the storm that brought torrential rains to Lynchburg.

We then shopped-till-we-dropped at Wal-Mart, buying paint supplies for today's projects and food for Friday's cookout.

Oh! What a wonderful, crazy, whirlwind of a day! And to think, we still have 3 full days to enjoy! I am having such a great time with my mom here, and I am so thankful that Dallas gives us time to be girls and to enjoy each other's company.

I am one lucky blessed girl!


  1. How could I have missed all of this? And when I start sporting a monogram, wearing bright colors and saying “ya’ll” , that'll be the day you know I've lost it!

  2. I must admit that I have thought about Marcie alot!! She is one of a kind!! Love mom


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