Thursday, June 24, 2010

Step Stool Re-Do!

A few Saturdays ago, I so lovingly convinced my darling husband Dallas to go yardsaling with me. Dallas HATES yardsales. Unfortunately for him, he is married to a yardsale junkie. While yardsaling, I found this adorable little step stool that was marked $5. I paid $3.
I love the curve and detailing of the handles and the "sturdiness" of the piece. Perfect! I found some fabric on sale at Joanne's in the remnant bin, and knew that it would be perfect for covering my little step stool.
The colors will really help to brighen up my living room.
Ta-dah! An adorable stool for less than $7!  
Thank God for yardsales!

*I may paint the wood white, but my family seems to think that is a horible idea. What do you think?*


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  1. love-love-L-O-V-E-love that fabric! I like the wood like it is because it is GREAT condition, but I like white also!


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