Monday, June 28, 2010

Surprise Visit!

This weekend we had a very special surprise visitor at the Loewen household, Dallas' dad, Jim!
He was flying to Atlanta when he had to make a stop, due to bad weather. He decided to pay us a little visit in Lynchburg, and bunk with us for the night, while he waited out the storm. Luckily, it was all sunshine in Lynchburg and we were surprised and excited to host him for the night. 
He gave us a tour of his newly-revamped airplane, and Dallas was super excited to see the new control panels and tracking equipment in the plane.   
And I couldn't resist the classic, on-the-plane-steps, plane picture. 
 We took Jim around Lynchburg with us as we ran errands, went to the grocery store, 
and as I cut Dallas' hair, but we had a wonderful visit, 
and it was great to catch up with such an awesome father-in-law. 


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  1. That's soo cool that it worked out like that! And from the looks of it Dallas and Dad had some good technical airplane talk going on. Miss you guys!


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