Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bahamas Baby!


Did you miss me? Probably not too much, right? Haha.

My family and I just returned from a CRUISE to the BAHAMAS! It was seriously the best trip ever. I have never laughed so hard, danced so much, and enjoyed my family as much as I did during this trip. Every minute was a blast and I am so, so, so very thankful that we were able to go on this trip.
We made the most of our time together, and Mom even had matching t-shirts made for us to wear as we boarded the ship. You should have seen the looks we got when we walked into Wal-Mart before the cruise. CrAzY!
Even Dallas was a good sport and wore his "High Seas Expedition" shirt with pride! 
We dressed up and went to the formal dining room every night for delicious dinners filled with lobster tails, crab cakes, salmon, stakes and desserts, desserts, desserts. And don't worry, I did NOT hold back. I ate to my hearts content. I figure that's why I eat less every other day of the year, so I can PIG OUT on vacations like these. Right? But, lets be honest, I don't eat less every other day of the year, that's just what I told myself this week, so I wouldn't feel so guilty for picking up an extra dessert after dinner. More like two rolls, two appetizers, one main course and two desserts. True story. Oh, and frozen yogurt and pizza for a midnight snack.
I made so many great memories and have a million stories to tell. 
I will start working on posts that describe in more detail what we did (and what we ate!). 

It's good to be back blogger friends, I missed you!


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  1. Oh how fun!!! Can't wait to see more pictures! Is that your first cruise? I have only been on one and I thought it was AMAZING and can't wait to go on one with Jeff someday =). So glad you had fun! Looking forward to more stories =) MISS YOU!


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