Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lauren's Last Day

If you have read any bit of my blog, you know that my Lynchburg BFF is Lauren. I befriended Lauren soon after we moved to Lynchburg, and we have been together ever since. Lauren has continued to work in our office until she is able to join her husband on Saba Island, where he is in medical school.

Well, sadly to say, my friends, Friday was Lauren's last day at our office. I am going to miss her like crazy. Lauren and I were probably known around the office for being "Chatty Kathys," but I'm pretty sure everyone still loved us. She had a chair in her cube that was designated as "my chair," where I would sit and share stories from my day. I laughed in that chair, cried in that chair and laughed until I cried in that chair. It offered a place of rest and a place to unwind. I formed a lasting friendship while sitting in that chair.
On Lauren's last day in the office, I couldn't let her leave without a photo shoot. It's like when your mom made you take pictures with your classmates on your last day of middle school. At the time, it's mortifying, but one day, you'll be grateful to have the pictures- just in case the need comes up to blackmail someone. Lauren went along with my plan, and we traveled around the office snapping shots. 

Lauren and her cubemate, David, who you may remember from my previous post about the flat tire.
Lauren and Nicole

Lauren and our boss, Sharon
Lauren and Ty
Lauren and Ana
Lauren and Linda

Goodbye Lauren! We will miss you!


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  1. Missing you girl! I can only imagine what I am missing out on at work. Looking forward to spending the rest of our Lynchburg summer together.


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