Friday, August 13, 2010

Everyday Missionaries

    Recently, I've been helping one of our new, Brazilian, International students, Cristiane Folly, and her two daughters, Giovanna and Deborah, to get acquainted to life in the United States. I never realized how difficult and confusing it can be for visitors to jump through all of the "hoops" set up in the US. For example, Cristiane needed an apartment. I researched all of her options and found her a very nice apartment. Easy, right? Wrong. Because she is coming from overseas, the apartment needed a document of financial support, proving that she had the money to pay for her rent each month. This form had to be signed by her husband in Brazil, taken to their bank and notarized, then sent back to the apartment. And I had to explain all of this to Cristiane, who, maybe I didn't mention, is coming to the US to learn English. I have also helped her to buy a car, get car insurance, study for the driving test at the DMV, get medical insurance for her daughters, enroll her daughters  in Middle School (which required a trip to the doctor's office for a physical and a new shot), furnish her apartment, buy food....and Much MUCH more.

    This has all made me very thankful for my network of friends and family who have helped me to do all of these things, and who have made life much easier for me! It has also made me much more sympathetic for our international student population and the difficulties that they face even after they arrive in the United States.
     Dallas and I have also begun teaching English through our Spanish church. We have been teaching for two weeks now, two times each week. We got off to a rough start, with a lack of communication about where the classes would be located and when we would meet. But, wouldn't you know, this week we have had a LOT of students! Last night we had almost 15! Dallas is teaching the lowest level students and I am teaching the higher students. I am having a BLAST! My students are mostly older adults, and they are hilarious. I am really enjoying this time, and I already feel like they are learning a lot.

     Last night, a woman in my class even shared the Gospel with another student, who is not a member of our church. It is awesome to see God working in so many different ways through these classes, and I believe that they will have a big impact on the lives of our students. Many of the students have even asked me if I would consider teaching every night of the week! (I kindly declined their offer...but maybe someone else would consider taking on these nights??)

    It is definitely cool to be able to reach people from Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico all in one night! I guess this is what they mean by being a "Missionary in your own backyard!" It is awesome to be used by God, and this experience is helping to teach me to not feel that this is a time in my life when I am "on hold," but fully available and ready to be used by God.

   I hope you have a great day today, and a fabulous weekend!



  1. That's awesome what you've been doing to help the lady get settled; you have definitely gone way out of your way to help her.

  2. You are one special girl, and are storing up lots of crowns in heaven with all you do for others!


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