Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pizza, Pizza!

One of my favorite recipes to make (and eat!) is homemade pizza. Our progression towards making our own pizza began when Dallas and I were first married. We made it a point to have a pizza night every Sunday night throughout our first year of marriage. (I suppose this is where my "marriage weight" came from!) We started out buying frozen pizzas (yuck!) and we would doctor them up by adding toppings of our own. We then moved up to "crust in a bag" pizzas and began making our own dough by adding water to this pre-made mix. We researched different sauce recipes and found two sauces that are oh, so delicious, but continued to use our mixed-up dough. When we grew tired of this paper-thin crust, we began trying out different homemade pizza dough recipes, to go with our new sauces. Bingo! We found the perfect recipe, and began making our very own, made from scratch pizzas! 

Each time we make pizza, we do it a little bit different than the time before, but here is one of my favorite combinations.

I first roast some fresh veggies. I like tomatoes, onion and mushrooms, but you can add whatever you like!
 I just cut up the vegetables, spray them with a little olive oil, and sprinkle them with salt. Then put them in the oven until they are nice and soft. 

The dough process is definitely the hardest, and that, my friend, is why this is Dallas' job. We use a recipe we found on AllRecipes.com called Jay's Signature Pizza Crust. This is a pretty strenuous process, and takes the better part of the afternoon...but it's ALWAYS worth it! 

While the dough is rising, we make one of our sauces. This week it was an olive oil base with basil and garlic.I then add lots, and LOTS of toppings! I like black and kalamata olives and feta cheese, as well as my roasted veggies and some spinach.

Then we top it all off with some delicious cheeses and pop it in the oven until it is browned and crispy. 

And Voila! You have a super delicious, homemade pizza! 

And...being as domestic as we are, we topped it all off with some homemade strawberry ice cream for desert, using the strawberries we picked and posted about here.

Yum, yum! We then kicked back on the couch, turned on a good movie, and enjoyed the night! 



  1. Looks amazing!!!! - Jodi

  2. That looks so good and to make things worse I'm starving right now and there's nothing in the house to eat. Your recipes are getting more gourmet all the time.

  3. You're killing me!! When can we get some of that homemade pizza, with ice cream (of course).

    Jim L.


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