Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oh Crap...Excuse My Language!

This has been a very eventful and frustrating week, to say the least. 

It all started on Saturday with a lovely and peaceful trip up the mountains to the Apple Harvest Festival in Bedford, VA. Dallas and I rode up with our friends Laura and Hunter and it was great to see the beautiful fall leaves and taste some yummy fall treats. Dallas and I were even able to stir the apple butter, which was boiling in a kettle. I did such a good job, the old man to my right told me I would grow up to be a brain surgeon! the midst of our blissful day things were in turmoil back at our house. 

I opened our front door to find this... a puddle of water at our doorway. Where was it coming from? Oh yes, the TOILET. The toilet that is through the living room and down the hall. And let's just say the water wasn't this clear in all areas of the living room. It.was.GROSS. And smelly. 

The same thing was happening next door at our neighbor's house, and luckily, they were home at the time. They called the landlord right away who came out and turned off our water and made sure none of our electronics were getting wet. They then left us for the night in a stinky, wet house. Since then, we have been living like squatters; eating, sleeping and watching TV in the bedroom.

Tuesday, they finally came out and ripped up the poo-stained carpet and laid new tiles in the entryway and the bathroom, but still no flooring in the living room.

Dallas called the landlady early today and received great news! Our new floor is being put in today! And to top it all off, they are putting down hardwood flooring. Isn't it ironic? I've been asking all year for our landlords to have our carpets cleaned. Now, not only will I have clean floors, but I will have hardwood floors!

   All it took was a little poo-poo to get the job done!  


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  1. Wow! That really stinks, no pun intended. It looks like the festival was fun. Sorry you had to come home to that. Water damage is usually really bad. Have a great weekend!

    Amy R.


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