Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A World of Change

Hello Again. And sorry for my absence. I haven't felt much like blogging lately. Writers block? Maybe. Laziness? Probably.

A TON has happened since I last updated you, so bear with me through this post.

We celebrated Dallas' 27th birthday. 

We dressed up like Bolivians and won a costume contest. 

We have a big surprise to share!

On Thursday night, our English classes had a "surprise" party for Dallas. It wasn't a huge surprise, considering they had just had a surprise party for me, three weeks earlier, but it was so nice of them to organize a party for Dallas.

Our students held on to their Latin American roots, 
and smashed Dallas' face in the cake after he blew out his candles. 

 Our sweet classes mean so much to us and our students have become like our families while we've been in Lynchburg. They are all hilarious, and I have a blast each time we're together.

 On Sunday, our Hispanic church had a Thanksgiving celebration. They asked everyone to bring food from their home countries and to come dressed in your county's traditional clothing. Dallas and I chose to join the "Bolivia group," as that is where Dallas grew up. The plan was for us to bring fried bananas, but we failed miserably, and ended up bringing drinks instead.

We did, however, find some pretty awesome costumes, and we were the winners of the costume contest! I had to steal these pictures from Facebook, so they aren't the best.

As you can tell, Dallas and I took the contest a little more seriously than everyone else...but we had a great time dressing up and we were definitely a big hit!

And the biggest news of all...


Dallas and I were both offered jobs in Gainesville, Georgia, and so we will be heading back to my hometown in December! Dallas will be working full-time at the Gainesville Airport as an Aviation Mechanic/Pilot and I will be working at a missions organization called Adventures in Missions, helping to organize mission trips for churches and youth groups.

I have really grown to love Lynchburg, but I am so thrilled to be moving back to be closer to my family. It will be fabulous to have a shopping buddy again, an auction to go to, big cities nearby and a large home church. I can't wait for weekly family dinners and monthly craft days!

God has opened so many doors for us in this move, and we think we have found a wonderful place to live! We are not in a position right now to buy a house of our own, but we have found the most adorable house that has been on the market, that the owner is willing to rent to us!

Picture from
We actually haven't seen the house in person, but my family has gone to see it several times and we are scheduled to look at it this Friday. From the pictures I have seen and from what my family has said, this will be the perfect place for me and Dallas. It has 3 bed rooms (1 will be my craft room!), 1.5 bathrooms, a basement, a garage, a dining room, and a huge yard! I hope and pray that this house works out for us, and I can't wait to move in!

So, life is a tad crazy for us right now. We're packing up all of our things here in Lynchburg and looking forward to our new life in Gainesville. We have a ton to finish up here, Christmas parties galore and Dallas will graduate from his program! We also have to say goodbye to many good friends, find someone to take over our English classes and repaint the walls in our townhouse. But, it's all done with excitement as we prepare for our new life in Gainesville.

I can't wait to see what adventures the future holds!



  1. ahhh!

    yeah for moving and (sounds like) great jobs! hooray for Georgia!

    p.s. - is your Bolivian skirt Isaac Mizrahi? Because I definitely just took a skirt just like that to Goodwill three weeks ago, ha! I always thought I would take it to the tailor and get it shortened and taken in so it would actually have shape, but alas, it never happened.

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  3. Wow!! What a big change!! I am so excited for you guys! =) I hope all the craziness right now goes smoothly and you aren't to exhausted when you arrive back home! Good luck with your new jobs =) they sound awesome! Sure do miss you guys!!


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