Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sew Happy!

My birthday was a few weeks back and my parents gave me some money to spend on anything I wanted. My first thought was to buy clothes or a few little things, but thing I had a revelation! I could either buy several little doodads or one big fabulous gift! I began scouring the internet for something that I couldn't live without. I decided upon this little gem.

Brother 50-Stitch Limited Edition Project Runway Sewing Machine,

A new sewing machine!

And not just any old machine. No! I have none other than a special edition Project Runway machine! (Which probably doesn't mean anything besides the fact that it has a sticker on the side that says Project Runway.) In college, my roomie Rachel and I would watch Project Runway religiously. I loved watching these geniuses turning piles of trash (literally!) into expertly crafted ball gowns. It filled my head with creative ideas, none of which I have ever been able to recreate- until now, I hope! (Except, don't get me wrong, I have no intentions of wearing a trash gown to my next event!)

So, what have I made so far? Absolutely nothing! Besides a few holes I have mended, here and there. BUT, I do have great plans for some awesome projects.

Here are some of the creations I have in mind:

A Dinner Roll Holder with Gingercake- Why? Because I CAN!

New Pillow Cases with Made

Little Pumpkin Pom Poms with Domesticfluff- No sewing machine needed, but a craft is a craft, right?

I can't wait to get started. Any last minute suggestions?


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  1. I like the dinner roll holders! Especially when combined with Sarah Burnham's roll recipe!


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