Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The View From My Window- Vultures

My new office provides me with the most incredible view of the mountains. I often stare out my window in amazement of all that God has created. Each mountain top points towards God and each tree stretches towards heaven. It truly is a awe inspiring view. 

...Until the vultures come out. 

What vultures you may ask? 

The towing vultures. 

I have never in my life seen as many tow trucks as I do DAILY from outside my window. These vultures descend on the parking lot below my window and scoop up 2 cars at a time. They then drag them away to some obscure lot, where the poor owner will be forced to hand over a wad of cash in exchange for their vehicle, only after they come to the realization that they have been victimized by the vultures. Then the vultures return to their feeding ground once again to continue their frenzy. 

And we must have an overly crowded parking lot, right? WRONG. There are plenty of free spaces begging to be filled. But only the cars adorned with the "special" tags are safe to park here. I, for one, am not that special, and must park a mile (I may be exaggerating, just a bit!) away and drag myself into the office each day, as I do not dare provoke the vultures. 

So my friends, be careful where you park. And please, watch out for vultures! 


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