Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bahamas- Day 2!

Our second morning on the ship, we awoke to ocean views and sunny skies. We were so thankful that my mom worked to get us a room upgrade, so we had a room with a window! It was nice to wake up to new places each day and hear the slight sound of waves outside our window.
We met my family for breakfast, where I enjoyed bagels with salmon and cream cheese (my FAVORITE!). 
As this was our 'Day at Sea,' so we enjoyed spending time by the pool, listening to music, and reading, reading, reading.
Our Captain's Dinner was this second night, so we all dressed up for our fanciest night. 
I ate a delicious lobster tail, but I forgot to take a picture before we took the tail apart, in order to make 'lobster tail' jokes. We also danced with our waiter, Roy, who we nicknamed Vincent, to 'That's Amore.' 

After dinner, Rebekah and Mom did a little dancing in the hallway. It just so happens that they were in front of a Bacardi sign, and no, they weren't drinking Although, I'm sure a lot of people thought they were. 
We then went back to our rooms, where we found our first towel animal, an elephant! 

We changed into more comfortable dancing clothes, and then headed out to the nearest club for a little dancing. Of course I was carded EVERY time I tried to enter the club. Oh, and the age limit to enter was 18. So apparently I look very, very young. 
We then wrapped up the night by listening to Revolver, a great on board band that even
 through a little violin in the mix every now and then. 
It was another great day, that made me feel so lucky to be a member of the Ryan family. 



  1. Looks like alot of fun! Your family picture looks like it should be printed and framed, everyone looks great! One of these day......I'll hopefully get to go.

  2. I love reading your cruise story!!!! It was so much fun!!!! Keep on posting!!! love mom

  3. PS I love the black and white of you and
    Dallas- love mom


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