Friday, July 16, 2010

Bahamas- Day 3!

Our third morning our our ship, we awoke to the sights of Nassau, Bahamas! My family and I have been to this port before, but it was all new to Dallas, so it was exciting reliving it through his eyes. 
We hurried up and met my family for another delicious breakfast in the formal dinning room. I mean, if you pay for it, why not take advantage of it! It was so great to see Rebekah and Dallas bond the way they did. They now have a brother-sister relationship that I have always wanted and hope to someday have with Dallas' brother and Rebekah's future husband.
Before heading out onto the island, we returned to our room to grab out things, and the view from our window looked strikingly different. A Disney ship had pulled along side us! I actually saw Mickey and Minnie walking along the deck! Haha!
We then skipped out of the ship, down the gang plank, and into the bright, beautiful world that is the Bahamas.
We plowed our way through the large group of Bahamians who wanted to braid our hair, rent us a motorbike, or sell us a cold, cold drink, and made our first stop at the straw market. This has always been my favorite Bahamian shopping stop, and as a kid, I would purchase tons of straw concoctions. This trip, I was much better at managing my money. Probably because this was the first trip where it actually was my money.
We enjoyed talking to this man, Winston, about his Turtle carvings. 
I documented some of my family's craziness in the following video. My and Rebekah were asked to perform on stage with the Bahamian drummers. They didn't mind a bit! 
It was SUPER hot on the island, so we made our way back to the ship to change clothes and get ready to swim in the ocean. Dallas and I were not about to pay extra to have someone drive us to a beach, when we were on an island, surrounded by beaches. So, we put on our bathing suits and hiked around the island until we found a beautiful little local beach.
We swam and swam with the locals, and actually made friends with a few. This was one of my favorite activities of the cruise. The water was so clear and it was very easy to float on your back.
Apparently, this is known as the "Ghetto Beach," but to me, it was PERFECT!
 Although, you did have to step over shards of glass before getting into the water. But, who cares! 
We had an absolutely fabulous time at the beach, but eventually had to return to the boat, so we would not be left behind. We, again, had a delicious dinner in the formal dinning room, (are you noticing a trend here?), filled with laughter and dancing.
Mom and Dad with Dessi, our Matride. 
Dad said this was his favorite family vacation ever. 
Mom started crying. Rebekah started crying. It was a big mess. 
But that's how the Ryan's roll cruise. 
We then dried our tears with some good old fashioned laugher.
A frog! 
It was an absolutely wonderful day and an even better night. 

I love my family.

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