Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Last Day in the Bahamas!

If there is ANYTHING negative about cruising, it is the process of getting off the ship. Everyone makes a mad dash for the exit, blocking the stairwells and making a fuss about the wait. The cruise lines do their best to organize the chaos, but people tend to not follow the order in which they are supposed to exit the ship.

My family, well, we down-right enjoyed our time on that ship, and were in no hurry to get off. (Even though Dallas and I had a flight to catch, what's the use in standing around in a line?) So, we, once more, made our way to the formal dinning room for one last salmon and cream cheese bagel, warm pastries and fresh squeezed orange juice. When our time to exit the ship came near, we patiently waited in the hallway until they called out our exit number.

Goodbye Bahamas! You will be greatly missed. Thank you for giving our family such a great opportunity to spend time together, to laugh until we cried, and to RELAX. You were the BEST and I will never forget you.


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